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New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

We finally got our new camera line in. Intova makes some very affordable cameras/housing packages. We have the ICC-600 which is a 6 mgpxl camera in a housing that retails for $190. They also have a strobe package you can add and get the whole thing for under $450.

We have also added our next 2 dive alongs to the calendar. We will be going up north to Tremonton to dive the Camper World hotsprings on February 21 and then out to Blue Lake for an Easter Egg Hunt on March 21. We'll see you there!! Read more about New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

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Underwater Easter Egg Hunt!!

Join us next Saturday March 21 at Blue Lake for an Underwater Easter Egg Hunt!! The "Easter Bunny" will hide about 30 eggs out in the lake. Find some eggs and you can get some of the small prizes we will be giving out. Join us for a fun excuse to go diving. There is no charge for participating, just call the shop so we know you are coming. 801-277-3483. Read more about Underwater Easter Egg Hunt!!

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