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Egypt and Red Sea

These are a collection of updates from the Dive Utah Facebook group -

After an 8 hour layover in London where we saw the best of the sights from the Big Bus Tour, we landed in Cairo. 2 hours of sleep later we flew south to Abu Simbel to see the temple there and back to Asswan to board our cruise ship down the Nile. We stopped at few temples/ruins along the way and got off this morning in Luxor. Read more about Egypt and Red Sea

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Saba Trip in February

Rising steeply from the Caribbean Sea, Saba is a special island that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Four small villages are as quaint and charming as the people that you will meet. Saba is a monument to nature’s best above and below the ocean’s surface.

The famous Marine park is second to none. Lava tunnels and hot springs remind divers of the dramatic volcanic beginnings of the island. The small leeward side hosts spur and grove reef formations but it is her pinnacles that have made Saba famous. The pinnacles are actually the summits of underwater mountains, beginning at around 85’ and extending deep into the abyss. They are awesomely impressive, not only to divers but apparently to the larger fish and pelagics that are frequent visitors. Read more about Saba Trip in February

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Belize Report

Dave took a group of 12 down to Ambergris Caye in Belize last month. They stayed at the very beautiful Ramon's Village Resort. The rooms were thatched covered cabanas and the beach was perfect. The diving was fun and all agreed that the 3 tank dive to the Blue Hole were the best dives of the trip. Read more about Belize Report

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Aqua Cat Purrs!!

We just returned from our favorite Bahamas trip of all time!! The Aqua Cat lived up to everything we remembered from two years ago when we last visited. It was a little windy which made for a few hours of rough seas but Captain Ron (yes, that's his real name) did a great job of keeping the rough rides to a minimum.

We dove some old favorite sites like Jewfish Wall and Flat Rock Reef, the drift dives of Wax Cut Caye and the Washing Machine and of course, the shark dive at Amberjack Reef. To ease us with the wind, we spent 2 days on Eleuthera and got to see some new sites like the Cobia Cage and Split Rock. Read more about Aqua Cat Purrs!!

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Dive Travel

One of the best parts of being in the dive shop business is the ability to put together and lead divers and friends to exotic locations around the world. Here is the basic jist of how that happens. Read more about Dive Travel

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Fiji Trip June 2011

Fiji is one of those magical places where the name itself is enough to get reactions. Just mention it to your fiends that you are thinking of going there and see what they say. Palm trees, beaches, friendly locals, soft corals, anemones and who can forget kava! Join us as we explore Taveuni and stay and dive at the Garden Island Resort. Read more about Fiji Trip June 2011

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Manta Ray Night Dive from our Hawaii Trip

Here is a story from Shannon from last week's best of Hawaii Trip.

So, if you are a Dive Utah fan, here is my tale: Last night on Kona, Hawaii we went out on the night dive to do this very dive. We sat down on the bottom with the lights blazing in the center of a large, flat area and waited. Five different boats were all there at the same ...time, fifty divers or so. Each diver settles down on the bottom with a light pointing skyward in about 35 feet of water. Read more about Manta Ray Night Dive from our Hawaii Trip

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