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A Dive at The Crater

I had a class set up for the Crater on Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, winter decided to finally show up. The weather service predicted doom and gloom for the whole weekend. With that in mind, I cancelled Saturday's class from 4-6pm but kept Sunday at 10am. Of course, Saturday afternoon the roads were fine and Sunday morning they weren't. Oh well... Read more about A Dive at The Crater

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January Specialty of the Month Dive

We will be headed up to the Crater on January 17 from 12-2pm for the January dive. The specialty of the month for January is Nitrox. When we increase the level of oxygen in the air we are breathing while diving, we can get longer bottom times since we are not absorbing as much nitrogen. Many people report having more energy after diving nitrox. The down side is that we have to limit our deoth to about 100 feet but that won't matter much at the Crater. You can get free nitrox for 1 dive if you RSVP on our Facebook page-Dive Utah Bottom Dwellers. Read more about January Specialty of the Month Dive

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Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

The weather is starting to warm up again and just in time. We are headed to Blue Lake next Saturday for our Specialty of the Month dive. The weather should be great. Give us a call to tell us you will be there. It will be the perfect time to jump into an Advanced, Rescue or Specialty class. Looking for a deal you say?

Introducing the Dive Utah Continuing Education Stimulus Plan. This bold initiative will make more diving available to the common man, from Main Street to Wall Street and beyond. Read more about Fun Dive and Stimulus Plan

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Sorry I'm a Slacker - August BBQ

WOW, how it really been that long since I posted? My bad... Ok, so the next few days I will bring you up to speed.

First off - we are headed to Sand Hollow Reservoir near St George for our annual Treasure Hunt/BBQ. We will be there August 29 at 11am. The water is warm (82*), the vis is good (20Feet) and there is plenty to see (fish, VW bus and small plane). Join us for a great day of diving. Read more about Sorry I'm a Slacker - August BBQ

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Update from Sand Hollow

We got back from the Sand Hollow trip safe and sound. It was great to really be able to make repetitive dives there and get a good feel for what is out there. We did all of our diving in the no-boating area to the right of the boat ramp. First off there is a small buoy attached to a platform at about 30'. It is about 75 yards from the shore. If you swim up to the left of that, you get some nice lake grass and some canyons as you get closer to the rock islands. To the right, it gets a little deeper but there is not the grass, more of just a muddy bottom without much to see. The thermocline was around 40' with temps in the mid 70's above it and the high 60's below it. Read more about Update from Sand Hollow

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Fun Dive Saturday May 14

It is finally getting sunny and warm!! Let's go diving. Dive Utah continues our Dive Along tour of Utah with a stop at beautiful (sort of) Blue Lake!! A hot spring, Blue Lake water temps are in the low 70's. Feed the fish by the platforms (they LOVE cheese whiz, who doesn't?), check out the hot pots or explore the many underwater sculptures and ship wrecks (ok-sunken motorboats).

We will meet at the lake at 10am and dive until we're bent!! Or until we're ready to head home. (just kidding-also plan your dives conservatively). There is NO CHARGE to join us for this dive. Read more about Fun Dive Saturday May 14

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Ice is Nice

Ice Diving

I've got a great local dive for you. The air temperature is in the mid 40's (which isn't bad considering it's mid-February), there's not a cloud in the sky and visibility is 30-40 feet. Oh, did I mention it's under a foot of ice? Read more about Ice is Nice

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