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Farewell to a Good Friend

Those of you who know me, know I love diving Catalina Island. Many of you have gone with Dive Utah on one of our Catalina adventures, either staying on the island or diving off a live-aboard boat. For the last few years I've taken many groups down on a unique boat called the Psalty V (pronounced Salty). There were many things about the Psalty that made it a good trip, the boat was pretty roomy, it was fast, and the food was great. But the best thing about the boat was her captain, Gary Jackson. Read more about Farewell to a Good Friend

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Postcards from the Edge - Notes from the Annual DEMA Show

750 GT

While it could stand for Diving is Expensive, it Makes my wife Angry, DEMA is the Diving Equipment Marketing Association and it's annual trade show is the high point of the year for any gear guy. Here, all the training agencies, equipment manufactures, and dive destinations get together to show off the latest and greatest to dive retailers. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist in the dive world. So what to my wondering eyes did appear? Read more about Postcards from the Edge - Notes from the Annual DEMA Show

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