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January Specialty of the Month Dive

We will be headed up to the Crater on January 17 from 12-2pm for the January dive. The specialty of the month for January is Nitrox. When we increase the level of oxygen in the air we are breathing while diving, we can get longer bottom times since we are not absorbing as much nitrogen. Many people report having more energy after diving nitrox. The down side is that we have to limit our deoth to about 100 feet but that won't matter much at the Crater. You can get free nitrox for 1 dive if you RSVP on our Facebook page-Dive Utah Bottom Dwellers. Read more about January Specialty of the Month Dive

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A Dive at The Crater

I had a class set up for the Crater on Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, winter decided to finally show up. The weather service predicted doom and gloom for the whole weekend. With that in mind, I cancelled Saturday's class from 4-6pm but kept Sunday at 10am. Of course, Saturday afternoon the roads were fine and Sunday morning they weren't. Oh well... Read more about A Dive at The Crater

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Mask Issues

Last Thursday I had a class in the pool for their second night. That means mask removal and replacement will be the fun skill of the night. I knew we were destined for trouble because I wasn't able to practise mask clearing as much as I would have liked the first night. The pool heater was acting up and the temp was down a few degrees and I had cold students shivering before we were even half way through with the night. They were able to clear but there were a few issues I would have like to have worked on. Read more about Mask Issues

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Christmas Specials!!

Aeris-Deals on the Atmos AI and Manta computers-TOO GOOD TO PRINT! That’s right, they won’t let us advertise them but call or stop by and we’ll give you the dirt!! (Aeris deals are only until December 8).

Scubapro Zero Prime-Buy any Scubapro first and second stage and BCD with Air 2 and receive a FREE Aladin Prime Wrist Computer! Read more about Christmas Specials!!

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