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Ice is Nice

Ice Diving

I've got a great local dive for you. The air temperature is in the mid 40's (which isn't bad considering it's mid-February), there's not a cloud in the sky and visibility is 30-40 feet. Oh, did I mention it's under a foot of ice? Read more about Ice is Nice

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Doug's Catalina Trip

California Kelp Forest

I've asked Doug Lowe, one of our instructors at Dive Utah to give us a report from the latest Psalty trip. (I think he liked it!)
~ Dave

What do you get when you combine perfect weather, a great group of divers, a boat with all of the comforts of home and Catalina Island? If you don't know the answer to that, read on to find out. Read more about Doug's Catalina Trip

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You Ain't Seen Nothing

Working full time at a dive shop gives you lots of interesting diving opportunities. I'm not talking about the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean dive trips that they make me go on. (Perhaps make is a strong word.) No, I'm talking about the commercial and salvage work we do here locally a couple times a year. Read more about You Ain't Seen Nothing

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Yo quiero Cozumel

Earlier this summer I had the chance to head south of the border and visit Cozumel Mexico. If you ever been diving out of the US, then chances are you've done Cozumel. Cozumel is a small island located off the tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, just a little south of the popular resort town of Cancun. It's easy to get too and the diving is always great which makes this island the most visited dive destination for Americans. Read more about Yo quiero Cozumel

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California Dreamin'

Last month I had the chance to take a group down to Catalina Island for our annual March Madness Trip. A little history on this trip, over the last few years it seems I'd always find myself on Catalina sometime during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. As sports fans know, the NCAA tourney is one of the most exciting things that happen in all of sports. Combining it with a dive trip made for a great time, watch a game, make a dive, eat some food, repeat. Read more about California Dreamin'

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Paper or Plastic?

You've got your Ultra-light regulator from Scubapro, your multi-functional BCD from Dive Rite, new Citizen watch, Aeris computer, Titanium knife, shorty and drysuit. You make other so-called gear-heads look like guppies. Only problem is, how you gonna carry all this stuff?

Dive bags are the often forgotten about piece of high performance scuba equipment. People will drop a grand on a new reg but forget the bag to carry and protect it. With this in mind, let's bag it and check out some toy sacks. Read more about Paper or Plastic?

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