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DEMA Day 1

Greetings from Las Vegas! Home to casinos, Wayne Newton and the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association's annual trade show. The DEMA show is our annual event that brings together all the training associations, manufacturers and exotic dive locations in one location. For the last few years, DEMA has moved back and forth between Las Vegas and Orlando. This year we are back in Vegas. So what did we see today? Read more about DEMA Day 1

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Oh Say Can You See?

Seadive - True Color Lens

Quick, name me the single most important piece of scuba equipment - I think we can all agree on the mask. Doesn't matter how good the dive is, if you can't see, what's the point? The mask is pretty simple, not too expensive and pretty basic right? Think again ...

Masks have come along way from a single piece of glass with a rubber skirt. Have you seen the old masks that don't even have finger pockets, how do you get to you nose to equalize? (You shove the bottom of the skirt against the bottom of your nose, thus blocking the nostrils and allowing you to blow against it) Masks are way more comfy today with different sizes for different faces and softer silicone for a better fit. Read more about Oh Say Can You See?

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Fiji Trip June 2011

Fiji is one of those magical places where the name itself is enough to get reactions. Just mention it to your fiends that you are thinking of going there and see what they say. Palm trees, beaches, friendly locals, soft corals, anemones and who can forget kava! Join us as we explore Taveuni and stay and dive at the Garden Island Resort. Read more about Fiji Trip June 2011

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Dive Travel

One of the best parts of being in the dive shop business is the ability to put together and lead divers and friends to exotic locations around the world. Here is the basic jist of how that happens. Read more about Dive Travel

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Update from Sand Hollow

We got back from the Sand Hollow trip safe and sound. It was great to really be able to make repetitive dives there and get a good feel for what is out there. We did all of our diving in the no-boating area to the right of the boat ramp. First off there is a small buoy attached to a platform at about 30'. It is about 75 yards from the shore. If you swim up to the left of that, you get some nice lake grass and some canyons as you get closer to the rock islands. To the right, it gets a little deeper but there is not the grass, more of just a muddy bottom without much to see. The thermocline was around 40' with temps in the mid 70's above it and the high 60's below it. Read more about Update from Sand Hollow

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