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Indonesia Trip Report

Kungkungan Bay Resort in Indonesia

In March 2013, Dive Utah took a group to Kungkungan Bay Resort in Indonesia.

They spent a week diving the Lembah Straight. This area is famous for muck diving. Creatures that live in these black sandy bottoms have learned how to blend in and they are sure hard to see.

One of the highlights was diving the Mawali wreck. This was a Japanese cargo ship sunk during WWII. We saw many different critters during our week including different octopi, star gazers, pygmy sea horses, ribbon eels, decorator crabs and the list goes on.

The resort was very nice and we had it all to ourselves. The staff was quite possibly the most attentive we have ever seen. Read more about Indonesia Trip Report

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Hogle Zoo - Rocky Shores

Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo has a fun new exhibit called Rocky Shores.

Seals and sea lions are in one tank and Rizzo, the polar bear is in the other. These tanks are large with Plexiglas sides so you can see the animals as they swim around in the water. The harbor seals are almost always playing and will come right up to the window to watch you!! Read more about Hogle Zoo - Rocky Shores

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2013 Fun Dive Calendar

Sand Hollow

While we might not have the ocean down the street, we still have some pretty great diving here in Utah. Join Dive Utah as we explore the best diving right in our own back yard.

There is no charge to join us for a local dive (except for September - see below). Please call ahead to register so we know how many divers to expect. Read more about 2013 Fun Dive Calendar

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Scuba Classes at BYU

Scuba Classes at BYU

Dive Utah-Holladay is proud to announce that we were awarded the contract to teach scuba classes for Brigham Young University.

In this first year we are on track to certify over 300 BYU students. Surveys show the students are loving the classes and the instructors enjoy working with a younger student crowd.

We are hoping to add additional classes as we go forward. Go Cougars!! Read more about Scuba Classes at BYU

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Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

Horizon Aqua Cat

Our third trip in six years recently returned from diving the Bahamas on the Aqua Cat.

This live-aboard is a crowd favorite and we anticipate a return in 2014. This year we were a little leery due to hurricane season but the weather was perfect. It rained on us twice and within a few hours the sun was back out. Read more about Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

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