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October 7, 2017 to October 14, 2017

We all want what we can’t have, right?  Cuba has long intrigued travelers and divers since it is only 90 miles from Key West.  A hardy few have risked going through Canada or Mexico but finally we get to visit legally under the Professional Research visa.    

We fly direct into Havana and transfer to the far south western tip of the island to a little resort called Maria La Gorda..  We will dive 2 tanks each day for 4 days as we explore the reefs and walls directly off shore (no long boat rides!)   All meals are included at Maria La Gorda.

After diving and lunch on Wednesday, we will transfer back to Havana to explore this fascinating city.  We will visit a cigar factory, a rum factory, tour Havana in a 1950’s antique American car as well as see art and live music.  Channel your inner Hemingway when we visit the iconic Hotel Nacional.  Breakfast and dinner are included.  

So is this legal?  For year’s visas for Cuba were hard to come by for the general public.  Americans would visit Cuba and Cuban officials would sign a “temporary” page in their passport and remove it when they left the country. 

While you still need a visa, they are easier to get.  We will be traveling under a Professional research visa sponsored by Scuba Cuba.  We will be doing research for their updated “Scuba Cuba Guidebook.”  We will fill out reviews of our resorts, dives, tours, restaurants etc. and submit them back to Scuba Cuba when we get home for their review and possible publication.  Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, they can use those as well!!





$3600* includes round trip airfare, transfers, 4 days of diving and 4 nights in Maria  La Gorda with all meals, 3 days of tours and 3 nights in Havana with breakfast and dinner daily.   
*This is the cash/check discount price.  Regular price is $3708.  Price is subject to change and is based on Double Occupancy.  Single supplement will be extra.  Deposits may be non-refundable and cancellation charges may apply.