Kent Nielsen

Though Kent was certified in April 2007, it took a dive trip to Roatan in 2008 to get him hooked. After that he developed a great love of the sport of diving and finally a love of sharing this great adventure with others. He became an instructor in March 2013 and have enjoyed working with others to open their world to diving. His favorite class to teach is Open Water.

Kent says, "There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing someone realizing they can breath underwater for the first time. My favorite dive is hard to name. Each dive is a whole new adventure and it is this that I crave, the thrill of a new adventure every time I descend into the deep blue. However, one that sticks out is when I was surrounded by four giant black sea bass off the coast of Catalina. What an awesome experience. I look forward to many more exciting dives such as this. Hope to see ya all soon, about 65 feet down."

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