Horizon Trip - Thursday


Wednesday-November 12, 2008-11:00pm
San Diego Harbor-We made it. After an uneventful flight and uneventful cab ride, we made it to H&M Landing to board the boat. Kent and I were the last people to get to there. Guys starting arriving at 3pm, they let you on the boat at 8pm and we showed up at 9:30pm. Read more about Horizon Trip - Thursday

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Horizon Trip - Friday

Sunrise at Santa Barbara

Friday-Nov. 14-11:45am
East of the Sea Lion Rookery-Santa Barbara Island-What a difference a few hours can make. Let me bring you up to speed. We left Catalina last night for Santa Barbara. We awoke to calm seas and a beautiful morning. . The Captain moved the boat around to a site on the west end of the island. We were exposed to the swell from the northeast but I didn’t think too much of it, I was ready to go dive. Kent and I hit the water and headed down. Read more about Horizon Trip - Friday

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Horizon Trip - Saturday


Saturday-Nov. 15-8:50am-Pyramid Palisades-San Clemente Island
Last night was a good night for bugs. I think all told we bagged about 8 more. Read more about Horizon Trip - Saturday

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June Fun Dives

We are headed out of town twice in June. On June 6, we will explore Sand Hollow Reservoir in St George. In conjunction with Aqua Sports, a local shop from St. George, we will be helping with a Project Aware clean up. We have heard good things about the diving there and are looking forward to checking it out first hand.

On June 19-20, we will be headed north to dive Bear Lake at Cisco Beach. Join us for a night dive the night of the 19th. Cisco Beach is great if you like camping, since you can stay right there on the beach.

Just a reminder, we have about 5 spots left on the Horizon live-aboard trip in July. This is our annual Southern California get away as we explore the kelp forests off the Channel Islands. Read more about June Fun Dives

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Horizon Live-Aboard

Horizon Live-aboard

Margie Christiansen is one of our Assistant Instructors. She just returned from our California trip the first week of August. This is what she had to say:

I just got off a live-aboard and it was great. The boat was the Horizon based out of San Diego. I was told there were 32 divers on board - from both the Salt Lake and the Ogden shops as well as the full-time crew. I love the idea of getting on the boat, going to sleep and waking up in the morning…somewhere. You never know and it is always such a treat to wake up to a new horizon. Read more about Horizon Live-Aboard

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Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

Horizon Aqua Cat

Our third trip in six years recently returned from diving the Bahamas on the Aqua Cat.

This live-aboard is a crowd favorite and we anticipate a return in 2014. This year we were a little leery due to hurricane season but the weather was perfect. It rained on us twice and within a few hours the sun was back out. Read more about Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

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