DEMA Day 1

Greetings from Las Vegas! Home to casinos, Wayne Newton and the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association's annual trade show. The DEMA show is our annual event that brings together all the training associations, manufacturers and exotic dive locations in one location. For the last few years, DEMA has moved back and forth between Las Vegas and Orlando. This year we are back in Vegas. So what did we see today? Read more about DEMA Day 1

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DEMA Day 2

Today we got to meet with many of our reps. We started with Ray from Aeris. We like some of their BCD's. They have a great middle of the road, weight integrated BCD that runs about $300. Look for this in time for Christmas. We also really like the Lavacore suits. Read more about DEMA Day 2

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Viva Los Vegas

November. That means turkey, football, ski season and DEMA time again!! The annual scuba trade show rolled into Las Vegas so we packed up the family truckster and headed to Sin City to see the latest and greatest. We planned to head out around 6pm and spend the night in Mesquite before making it to Las Vegas the next morning in time for the first of many seminars at 10am. Well, after dinner with my parents (the baby sitters) and finishing homework with the kids, 6pm tuned into 8pm. We then received a call from my dad as we neared Yuba Reservoir asking where the extra set of keys were? Read more about Viva Los Vegas

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Notes from DEMA

Once again it was time for the annual Scuba Trade Show. The DEMA show brings together all the manufacturers, training agencies and travel places in one nice, neat location so Joe Diveshop owner can do all his planning for the year in one place. This year's location was in Las Vegas. Read more about Notes from DEMA

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Postcards from the Edge - Notes from the Annual DEMA Show

750 GT

While it could stand for Diving is Expensive, it Makes my wife Angry, DEMA is the Diving Equipment Marketing Association and it's annual trade show is the high point of the year for any gear guy. Here, all the training agencies, equipment manufactures, and dive destinations get together to show off the latest and greatest to dive retailers. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist in the dive world. So what to my wondering eyes did appear? Read more about Postcards from the Edge - Notes from the Annual DEMA Show

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