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Diving in the age of COVID

Sooo, anything interesting happen this year??  That's the understatement of the year!!  To answer a few question-Yes, we are still open.  The Holladay shop opens at noon instead of 9am and Saturday is only 12-4pm.  We are doing all the "new normal" cleaning and disinfecting that you would expect.  Both in the shop and with the gear.  We are running classes.  This March-May was a harsh reminder of just how closely tied to travel our business is.  If ya'll ain't traveling, ya'll ain't diving (that much).  We have been pleasantly surprised that we have as many classes as we do when travel is just starting to open back up.  I know some people are just plan bored, others are doing classes because other summer plans got cancelled.  We are happ Read more about Diving in the age of COVID

Dive Utah on Social Media

Bored at work?  Killing time at home?  Tired of talking to your family and friends?  Dive Utah has the answer of how to fill time with your one true best friend-your smart phone!!  Check out Dive Utah's social media pages with our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Hours of fun guaranteed to keep you from meaningful social interaction with a real live human.  

Relax it's called sarcasm!!  No really, check out our cool stuff with fun diving pictures, little known dive facts, information about our upcoming trips and the occasional link to a Sea Hunt eposide on you-tube.   Read more about Dive Utah on Social Media

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