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Indonesia Trip

Over 17,000 island make up Indonesia and off the island of Sulawesi is located one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world! Between muck and reef diving, you will see more new critters than you have seen in your whole dive career. Read more about Indonesia Trip

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Horizon Trip - Thursday


Wednesday-November 12, 2008-11:00pm
San Diego Harbor-We made it. After an uneventful flight and uneventful cab ride, we made it to H&M Landing to board the boat. Kent and I were the last people to get to there. Guys starting arriving at 3pm, they let you on the boat at 8pm and we showed up at 9:30pm. Read more about Horizon Trip - Thursday

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Horizon Trip - Friday

Sunrise at Santa Barbara

Friday-Nov. 14-11:45am
East of the Sea Lion Rookery-Santa Barbara Island-What a difference a few hours can make. Let me bring you up to speed. We left Catalina last night for Santa Barbara. We awoke to calm seas and a beautiful morning. . The Captain moved the boat around to a site on the west end of the island. We were exposed to the swell from the northeast but I didn’t think too much of it, I was ready to go dive. Kent and I hit the water and headed down. Read more about Horizon Trip - Friday

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Horizon Trip - Saturday


Saturday-Nov. 15-8:50am-Pyramid Palisades-San Clemente Island
Last night was a good night for bugs. I think all told we bagged about 8 more. Read more about Horizon Trip - Saturday

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Roatan Anyone?

For years we had heard that the place to stay on Roatan was Anthony's Key Resort. We finally got their almost 2 years ago and had a great time. For the full details read my review on the Dive Utah page "Dreaming of Dolphins." We had so much fun, we went back the next year since we got the same package but for a few hundred less. Well that continues this year as we head south once again. We still have a few spots left for April 4-11. Join in what is becoming a yearly tradition as we visit Roatan again at Anthony's Key Resort. Read more about Roatan Anyone?

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Greetings from Bonaire

The Internet is great. I am posting from my patio at Buddy Dive Resort on Bonaire. I need to all my work from here! We got here last Saturday. We are doing 1-2 boat dives a day and then heading off in our rental trucks for shore dives as well! The shore entries have been a little harder then expected. There really aren't many "beach" dives, you are walking in over broken coral and over rocks so it can be tricky. We dove on the "Hilma Hooker" this morning, it is a very large wreck at about 80 feet. We did a night dive last night just in front of the resort. Buddy Dive is set up perfectly for divers. The night dives are really easy plus you have a lot of light from the resort. We meet up with Charlie the tarpon. Read more about Greetings from Bonaire

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Hello from Roatan

WOW, we are in Roatan at our favorite resort in the world, Anthony's Key. It is HOT, like Africa hot outside. We started diving today; 2 sites right off the resort. Saw a big free swimming eel as soon as we got in the water to start off the day and a bunch of turtles on the second one. Really cute little one that just sat there watching us watch him. It was great to swim along the wall and look down into the abyss. We are diving a wreck tomorrow, can't wait. I love the wrecks here. We are on the Odyssey tomorrow and then we get to swim with the dolphins tomorrow afternoon. Wish you could be here!!! Read more about Hello from Roatan

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More News from Roatan

So it a windy afternoon which means no diving, perfect time to catch up. Wreck dive was great, fun to explore the wreck from the bottom up. We started in the engine room and came up through 4 floors to the top of the wheelhouse. 110 feet at the bottom, perfect dive for 31% nitrox! Dove with the dolphins yesterday afternoon. So cool to see their effortless swimming. Such power and grace. Made me feel a bit bulky and clunky compared to them. This morning we dove Mary's Place, a series of cracks in a wall that were just teeming with life. Definitely the best dive of the trip. Tons of sea fans, sponges and black coral. On the way home, we could see some weather coming, crazy when it hit. Read more about More News from Roatan

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