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Camera Bag and California

We just got in another goodie from Akona. They make some great bags and now we have their Deluxe Camera Roller Carry On. This is for the folks who want to take really good care of their underwater housings and cameras. It is also the ultimate carry on bag. Read more about Camera Bag and California

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Christmas Specials!!

Aeris-Deals on the Atmos AI and Manta computers-TOO GOOD TO PRINT! That’s right, they won’t let us advertise them but call or stop by and we’ll give you the dirt!! (Aeris deals are only until December 8).

Scubapro Zero Prime-Buy any Scubapro first and second stage and BCD with Air 2 and receive a FREE Aladin Prime Wrist Computer! Read more about Christmas Specials!!

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Mask Issues

Last Thursday I had a class in the pool for their second night. That means mask removal and replacement will be the fun skill of the night. I knew we were destined for trouble because I wasn't able to practise mask clearing as much as I would have liked the first night. The pool heater was acting up and the temp was down a few degrees and I had cold students shivering before we were even half way through with the night. They were able to clear but there were a few issues I would have like to have worked on. Read more about Mask Issues

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New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

We finally got our new camera line in. Intova makes some very affordable cameras/housing packages. We have the ICC-600 which is a 6 mgpxl camera in a housing that retails for $190. They also have a strobe package you can add and get the whole thing for under $450.

We have also added our next 2 dive alongs to the calendar. We will be going up north to Tremonton to dive the Camper World hotsprings on February 21 and then out to Blue Lake for an Easter Egg Hunt on March 21. We'll see you there!! Read more about New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

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New Camera and Regulator

It has been a long time coming but the new Intova Sport 8 camera and housing is finally here. This 8 mega pixel camera has a huge LCD screen which makes it easy to see underwater. The best part is that the camera it self is waterproof to 30' and once you put it in the housing, you can go 130'. As a person who has flooded a camera before, the idea that the camera might survive is a great relief. Read more about New Camera and Regulator

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Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

Scubapro has announced a special deal for equipment buyers. When you buy Scubapro mask, snorkel and fins, we will give 100% credit of that price toward the purchase of Scubapro BCD, regulator and computer. Spend $200 on snorkel gear, get $200 off scuba gear. What's the catch? It must all be Scubapro equipment and the deal ends October 15, 2009. Come down and try the new MK25-A700 regulator today!! Read more about Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

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New Equipment from Sub Gear

We are pleased to bring some new items from Sub Gear into the shop. This is a smaller company, an offshoot of Scubapro. We have brought in some long sleeve rash guards with some cool tribal graphics on them. The Ladies comes in white and Mens comes in black. Read more about New Equipment from Sub Gear

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