Back from the Aqua Cat!

We recently returned froma week on the Aqua Cat. This is one of our favorite trips and we have brought groups there 3 times in the last 6 years. Without a doubt the main reason is the boat and crew. First the boat is very spacious. If you have ever been on a live aboard before, you know that it can feel a bit cramped. The cabins, the dive deck, the salon , the outdoor areas all have plenty of room. Then we have the crew. Having been there 4 times, I marvel at how the crew turns over. I have learned about an interesting subset of 20 something year olds out there that wander the globe diving in exotic locations. They don't stay any where too long before moving on to a new adventure. I am reminded of the quote that "Not all who wander are lost."

Of course we also like the diving. The walls of the Exumas are littered with canyons and swim throughs which are always a blast. You see sharks on mulitple dives. We also dove around Eluthera as well. This Bahamain island is a little farther east and if the winds are right for the Exumas, they are over there. Split Coral Head was our best night dive with plenty of jacks and tarpon swimming with us.


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