Aqua Cat Purrs!!

We just returned from our favorite Bahamas trip of all time!! The Aqua Cat lived up to everything we remembered from two years ago when we last visited. It was a little windy which made for a few hours of rough seas but Captain Ron (yes, that's his real name) did a great job of keeping the rough rides to a minimum.

We dove some old favorite sites like Jewfish Wall and Flat Rock Reef, the drift dives of Wax Cut Caye and the Washing Machine and of course, the shark dive at Amberjack Reef. To ease us with the wind, we spent 2 days on Eleuthera and got to see some new sites like the Cobia Cage and Split Rock. Read more about Aqua Cat Purrs!!

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Back from the Aqua Cat!

We recently returned froma week on the Aqua Cat. This is one of our favorite trips and we have brought groups there 3 times in the last 6 years. Without a doubt the main reason is the boat and crew. First the boat is very spacious. If you have ever been on a live aboard before, you know that it can feel a bit cramped. The cabins, the dive deck, the salon , the outdoor areas all have plenty of room. Then we have the crew. Having been there 4 times, I marvel at how the crew turns over. I have learned about an interesting subset of 20 something year olds out there that wander the globe diving in exotic locations. They don't stay any where too long before moving on to a new adventure. Read more about Back from the Aqua Cat!

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Salty Dogs on the Aqua Cat

Salty Dogs

We did our first week long, warm water, group live-aboard trip this summer. We went back to the Bahamas and took a little cruise on the Aqua Cat. The Aqua Cat is owned by Blackbeard's Cruises, a company that runs 5 different live-aboards in the Bahamas. The boat docks in a marina on Paradise Island next to Nassau and does most of it's diving in the Exuma Islands about 30 miles to the southeast of Nassau. Read more about Salty Dogs on the Aqua Cat

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Bahamas II - Wrecked Again!

Shark in the Bahamas

It was February in Utah once again and that can mean only one thing, time to get away to warmer waters. This year we were headed once again to the shark and wreck infested waters of the Bahamas.

We had been to New Providence Island and Nassau two years ago. (see 'Take Your Mama to the Bahamas') so we knew what to expect in the diving but were staying at a new property. South Ocean, the place we had stayed earlier was under new ownership and was waiting for money to come in for remodeling.

Read more about Bahamas II - Wrecked Again!

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Take Your Mama to the Bahamas

Last February, we took a group to New Providence Island in the Bahamas. This island is home to the town of Nassau and is commonly referred by that name. Nassau is famous as a cruise destination and also well known for wreck and shark diving. In a nutshell, that is what we wanted to see, wrecks and sharks. We were not disappointed. Read more about Take Your Mama to the Bahamas

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Where is Your Favorite?

This article was guest written by one of our instructors, Mike Walters.

I am often asked by students, "Of all the places you've dived, where is your favorite?" I have been to some great destinations, but I still have to answer, "The Bahamas."

In December Dive Utah took a live aboard trip aboard the beautiful Aqua Cat. This 102' private luxury dive yacht cruises weekly from Nassau, Bahamas to the Exuma Islands. Read more about Where is Your Favorite?

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Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

Horizon Aqua Cat

Our third trip in six years recently returned from diving the Bahamas on the Aqua Cat.

This live-aboard is a crowd favorite and we anticipate a return in 2014. This year we were a little leery due to hurricane season but the weather was perfect. It rained on us twice and within a few hours the sun was back out. Read more about Bahamas on the Aqua Cat

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