Greetings from Bonaire

The Internet is great. I am posting from my patio at Buddy Dive Resort on Bonaire. I need to all my work from here! We got here last Saturday. We are doing 1-2 boat dives a day and then heading off in our rental trucks for shore dives as well! The shore entries have been a little harder then expected. There really aren't many "beach" dives, you are walking in over broken coral and over rocks so it can be tricky. We dove on the "Hilma Hooker" this morning, it is a very large wreck at about 80 feet. We did a night dive last night just in front of the resort. Buddy Dive is set up perfectly for divers. The night dives are really easy plus you have a lot of light from the resort. We meet up with Charlie the tarpon. Read more about Greetings from Bonaire

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We Shore Dove Plenty!

Dive trip to Bonaire!

Earlier this year we headed to the undisputed king of shore diving, the "B" of the "ABC" Islands-Bonaire. Bonaire inspires loyalty unlike any other island. The vast majority of dives alongs its western side are accessible from the shore. Many people will visit and never set foot on a boat. Hence, the reason folks love it so much. You can do your own thing, at your pace, whenever you feel like it. Read more about We Shore Dove Plenty!

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