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G-500 and Other New Diving Toys at Dive Utah

Scubapro, G-500, G-500, G-250, MK-20, 22 Ruby Titanium, Regulators

In this month's column I'd like to talk about the most important toy we take underwater with us, the regulator. Since this is the life support of our scuba system, let's talk about the best of the best; high performance first and second stages. Scubapro‚ has long been a leader in regulator innovation and they've done it again with the MK 20 first stage and G500 second stage. Read more about G-500 and Other New Diving Toys at Dive Utah

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The Ultimate Toy Store

As many of you know, Dive Utah has moved around a bit since it's beginnings almost 20 years ago. We started out on Redwood Road, moved to Main Street in 1986 and finally came to rest on the second floor of an old ski shop in Holladay in 1989. The location was a bit odd, but the draw was a large outdoor pool. Measuring 60' long, 30' wide and 12' deep, the pool was originally built for the Matterhorn Swim and Ski Shop. It was by far the largest pool that was owned by a dive shop in Utah. A great pool, a beautiful pool, but an outdoor pool that could only be used for a little more than a quarter of the year. Read more about The Ultimate Toy Store

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Ti-22 - Should You Believe the Hype?

Those of you who stayed awake in chemistry already know what this column is about. For the rest of us, Ti is the symbol and 22 the atomic number of Titanium, the latest and greatest buzzword in the scuba industry. On a recent dive trip to Catalina, I was soundly ridiculed by two fellow Dive Utah staff members for not having a Titanium dive knife (apparently the coolness of the dry suit has worn off). I decided to do a bit of research into the Titanium craze and see if I could find out just how useful it might be. Read more about Ti-22 - Should You Believe the Hype?

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