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Old Dogs & New Tricks

This fall I was given the opportunity to try my hand as a student in the Global Underwater Explorers Fundamentals class. Like many in the dive industry, I had heard a bit about GUE. Like many groups whose practices stand out from the normal way of doing things, they have been labeled extremists by some, elitists by others and cliquish by still more.

So here’s what I knew:

  1. They had their roots in cave diving.
  2. They were extremely safety oriented.
  3. Everyone had to use the same equipment configuration.

And here’s what I thought about those things: Read more about Old Dogs & New Tricks

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Fiji - Paradise Found

Diving in Fiji

We all have preconceived ideas of certain people, places or things. As scuba divers we can remember before we were certified, the idea of drifting effortlessly in the water surrounded by fish and reefs. We dreamed of water that was an impossible blue and land with palm trees right down to the sand. Once we start diving we learn sometimes the water isn’t that blue, sometimes there aren’t that many fish, sometimes there are condos on the beach instead of palm trees. But sometimes perception becomes reality. There are very few things that live up to the hype, Fiji was one of them. Read more about Fiji - Paradise Found

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A Message from Dive Training Magazine . . . “The Importance of Buying Gear from Authorized Dealers”

Owning diving equipment represents a long term investment in fun and safety. A good set of dive gear can last through years of diving and travel, take you to unforgettable experiences in incredible underwater environments, and bring you home safely. It is important to buy the right gear for the type of diving you will do, ensure that it fits and is comfortable, be trained in its use and keep it serviced at recommended intervals. Read more about A Message from Dive Training Magazine . . . “The Importance of Buying Gear from Authorized Dealers”

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Bahamas II - Wrecked Again!

Shark in the Bahamas

It was February in Utah once again and that can mean only one thing, time to get away to warmer waters. This year we were headed once again to the shark and wreck infested waters of the Bahamas.

We had been to New Providence Island and Nassau two years ago. (see 'Take Your Mama to the Bahamas') so we knew what to expect in the diving but were staying at a new property. South Ocean, the place we had stayed earlier was under new ownership and was waiting for money to come in for remodeling.

Read more about Bahamas II - Wrecked Again!

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