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Other then the American rubbing their Independence Day celebrations in the face of the Brits, the day went very well. As with every morning, it was breakfast in La Cuna (the main eatery where we breakfast and lunch daily) followed by a 8am start. The first topic of the day was Instructor Development Standards followed by the Prescriptive Teaching Workshop. Standards are what guide every class a PADI instructor teaches. These are the “how, where and how many” questions that we answer every time we hit the classroom or pool. As Course Directors, we are looked at as experts when questions arise regarding interpreting standards. We don’t need to know all the standards but we do need to know where to look to find them. Read more about PADI CDTC Day 3

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Ice Dive = Nice Dive?

Ever winter we gear up for a day or two of diving under the ice. I'm always amazed at the looks we get when we mention ice diving. There are always those who ask an incredulous, "WHY?" But there are others who are 100% as soon as they hear about it. I think it is one of the best-"been there, done that" dives in the sport. Hands down, you will win any battle of the stories when you break out the one about the time you went under the ice!! Read more about Ice Dive = Nice Dive?

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