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IDC and Ice Dives!

Well it is official, Dive Utah has been approved as a PADI Instructor Development Center! We are now your 1 stop shop for certifications from Open Water all the way to Instructor! We are excited to add Jon Rusho to our staff as our Course Director. We started our first IDC last weekend as Cortney, one of our Divemasters decided to take the plunge. Read more about IDC and Ice Dives!

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Advanced Class or Ice Dive?

So the football season is over and you are sitting around over the weekend thinking about what to do. I have the perfect answer for you whether you like it hot or cold! Next weekend, Dive Utah will go extreme! We have extreme warm with an Advanced Open Water class at the Crater and we have extreme cold with an ice dive at Scofield Reservoir. If you are interested in either, give us a call and we can get you diving next weekend! Read more about Advanced Class or Ice Dive?

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Greetings from Bonaire

The Internet is great. I am posting from my patio at Buddy Dive Resort on Bonaire. I need to all my work from here! We got here last Saturday. We are doing 1-2 boat dives a day and then heading off in our rental trucks for shore dives as well! The shore entries have been a little harder then expected. There really aren't many "beach" dives, you are walking in over broken coral and over rocks so it can be tricky. We dove on the "Hilma Hooker" this morning, it is a very large wreck at about 80 feet. We did a night dive last night just in front of the resort. Buddy Dive is set up perfectly for divers. The night dives are really easy plus you have a lot of light from the resort. We meet up with Charlie the tarpon. Read more about Greetings from Bonaire

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New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

We finally got our new camera line in. Intova makes some very affordable cameras/housing packages. We have the ICC-600 which is a 6 mgpxl camera in a housing that retails for $190. They also have a strobe package you can add and get the whole thing for under $450.

We have also added our next 2 dive alongs to the calendar. We will be going up north to Tremonton to dive the Camper World hotsprings on February 21 and then out to Blue Lake for an Easter Egg Hunt on March 21. We'll see you there!! Read more about New Cameras and Upcoming Dive Alongs

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Roatan Anyone?

For years we had heard that the place to stay on Roatan was Anthony's Key Resort. We finally got their almost 2 years ago and had a great time. For the full details read my review on the Dive Utah page "Dreaming of Dolphins." We had so much fun, we went back the next year since we got the same package but for a few hundred less. Well that continues this year as we head south once again. We still have a few spots left for April 4-11. Join in what is becoming a yearly tradition as we visit Roatan again at Anthony's Key Resort. Read more about Roatan Anyone?

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January Specialty of the Month Dive

We will be headed up to the Crater on January 17 from 12-2pm for the January dive. The specialty of the month for January is Nitrox. When we increase the level of oxygen in the air we are breathing while diving, we can get longer bottom times since we are not absorbing as much nitrogen. Many people report having more energy after diving nitrox. The down side is that we have to limit our deoth to about 100 feet but that won't matter much at the Crater. You can get free nitrox for 1 dive if you RSVP on our Facebook page-Dive Utah Bottom Dwellers. Read more about January Specialty of the Month Dive

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A Dive at The Crater

I had a class set up for the Crater on Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, winter decided to finally show up. The weather service predicted doom and gloom for the whole weekend. With that in mind, I cancelled Saturday's class from 4-6pm but kept Sunday at 10am. Of course, Saturday afternoon the roads were fine and Sunday morning they weren't. Oh well... Read more about A Dive at The Crater

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