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Gear for SaleLike a sky diver without a parachute

or a boy band without hair gel, scuba divers would have a heck of time getting anywhere without scuba gear.

And let’s face it, life is more fun with toys!

From your first set of mask, snorkel and fins to state of the rebreathers, Dive Utah can sell, rent and service just about every toy that is out there.


Gear Sales

Don’t you hate it when you borrow your friend’s toothbrush and the brissels are all hard and nasty? Wait you don’t borrow their toothbrush? THEN WHY DO YOU RENT A MASK AND SNORKEL? It’s kind of the same thing. Make an investment in your comfort and safety with some great gear that fits properly and hasn’t been spit in before!! (and don’t even ask what we do in wetsuits when we get cold…).

Gear Rentals

So, maybe you are still on the fence as far as buying gear goes. We get it and we want to help you out. From mask, snorkel and fins to BCD”S, regulators, tanks and weights we have all the gear you need for a day, weekend, week or longer.

Gear Service

If your car drives fine, why bother changing the oil? If your reg breathes fine, why bother servicing it? Because if your car breaks down, you pull over to the side of the road and if your reg breaks down... well, it’s not as simple as pulling over! Preventative maintenance is important to keep your equipment in life - supporting shape. All manufacturers recommend servicing every 1-2 years. Tanks need a little love every year.