Fiji Trip June 2011

Fiji is one of those magical places where the name itself is enough to get reactions. Just mention it to your fiends that you are thinking of going there and see what they say. Palm trees, beaches, friendly locals, soft corals, anemones and who can forget kava! Join us as we explore Taveuni and stay and dive at the Garden Island Resort. Read more about Fiji Trip June 2011

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Fiji - Paradise Found

Diving in Fiji

We all have preconceived ideas of certain people, places or things. As scuba divers we can remember before we were certified, the idea of drifting effortlessly in the water surrounded by fish and reefs. We dreamed of water that was an impossible blue and land with palm trees right down to the sand. Once we start diving we learn sometimes the water isn’t that blue, sometimes there aren’t that many fish, sometimes there are condos on the beach instead of palm trees. But sometimes perception becomes reality. There are very few things that live up to the hype, Fiji was one of them. Read more about Fiji - Paradise Found

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