Do you Blue?

Every so often one of Scubapro's regulator's enters the "LEGENDARY" category.  The old MK10-G250was a work horse and set the bar back in the early 90's.  The Air 2 revolutionized the octopus.  The current version of the MK20-S600 has entered that realm.  Once it got there, Scubapro started having fun.  They offered a Titanium version, a Tech Black version, a GOLD 50th Anniversary version and the latest, the Deep Blue.

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Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

Scubapro has announced a special deal for equipment buyers. When you buy Scubapro mask, snorkel and fins, we will give 100% credit of that price toward the purchase of Scubapro BCD, regulator and computer. Spend $200 on snorkel gear, get $200 off scuba gear. What's the catch? It must all be Scubapro equipment and the deal ends October 15, 2009. Come down and try the new MK25-A700 regulator today!! Read more about Scubapro 100% Credit Back on Purchase

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New Scubapro Fins

We have replaced our entry level fin with the new Scubapro Jet Sport. You will notice a similar look to their popular Twin Jets but minus the split. It has a vented blade for a more efficent stroke and come in 4 sizes and 4 colors (black with gray, blue, yellow and red).

Come down and give a pair a try today!


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