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Indonesia Trip

Over 17,000 island make up Indonesia and off the island of Sulawesi is located one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world! Between muck and reef diving, you will see more new critters than you have seen in your whole dive career. Read more about Indonesia Trip

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Stocking Stuffer

Wow, just when you think you have seen it all. Now I'm not one to promote things from big box or online retailers. Obviously I'm more of a mom and pop/brick and mortar type guy BUT when you see something funny....

This is the "Deep Tea Diver" available on Amazon for only $14.95. Perfect for the scuba diving tea drinker in your life!!! Read more about Stocking Stuffer

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Viva Los Vegas

November. That means turkey, football, ski season and DEMA time again!! The annual scuba trade show rolled into Las Vegas so we packed up the family truckster and headed to Sin City to see the latest and greatest. We planned to head out around 6pm and spend the night in Mesquite before making it to Las Vegas the next morning in time for the first of many seminars at 10am. Well, after dinner with my parents (the baby sitters) and finishing homework with the kids, 6pm tuned into 8pm. We then received a call from my dad as we neared Yuba Reservoir asking where the extra set of keys were? Read more about Viva Los Vegas

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So many of you have seen our Facebook post from Saturday and want to know the details of how to win a trip with us. In a nutshell the trip is a live-aboard on the "Turks and Caicos Explorer II" which is based in...wait for it......the Turks and Caicos!! These are some great diving islands in the Caribbean. The room is a lower deck stateroom but you can pay extra to upgrade. It does not include airfare, tips, fuel surcharge and port tax. We have a trip scheduled there August 3-10, 2013. Read more about WIN A TRIP!!

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300' Dive, That's Pretty Deep!

300' Dive

by Chris Langehaug
Master Instructor & Director of Technical Dive Training for Dive Utah Holladay

On a recent trip to the Bay Islands of Honduras, I was able to make that dive a reality. Dive Utah has added technical diving to their scuba training options.

A 300' dive requires training at the highest level of technical diving, Trimix. Trimix introduces an inert gas (Helium) into your breathing mix. By offsetting the Nitrogen you breath at depth with Helium, you lessen the Narcotic (narc'd) effects which allows you to dive deeper with a clearer mind.


Read more about 300' Dive, That's Pretty Deep!

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Back from the Aqua Cat!

We recently returned froma week on the Aqua Cat. This is one of our favorite trips and we have brought groups there 3 times in the last 6 years. Without a doubt the main reason is the boat and crew. First the boat is very spacious. If you have ever been on a live aboard before, you know that it can feel a bit cramped. The cabins, the dive deck, the salon , the outdoor areas all have plenty of room. Then we have the crew. Having been there 4 times, I marvel at how the crew turns over. I have learned about an interesting subset of 20 something year olds out there that wander the globe diving in exotic locations. They don't stay any where too long before moving on to a new adventure. Read more about Back from the Aqua Cat!

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