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Catalina Island in September

The kelp forests of Southern California have long been a Utah diver's playground. Only a 10 hour drive or 1.5 hour flight, Southern California's waters abound with life. Located less than 26 miles offshore from Los Angeles is Catalina Island.

Catalina Island is one of the Channel Islands and is the only one with a permanent population. Avalon is a picturesque town that is the main stop when visiting Catalina. You can shore dive Casino Point Marine Park or take a boat to visit more sites around the island. We will do both. Read more about Catalina Island in September

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Go Pro Night!!

Work in the tropics? Diving as your job? How about a live aboard boat? Or maybe just part time to feed your habbit?

Whatever the reason, more people are choosing diving as a career than never before! Even if you are only curious, stop by Dive Utah Monday May 23 at 8pm and find out what is involved in becoming a PADI professional. Read more about Go Pro Night!!

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Fun Dive Saturday May 14

It is finally getting sunny and warm!! Let's go diving. Dive Utah continues our Dive Along tour of Utah with a stop at beautiful (sort of) Blue Lake!! A hot spring, Blue Lake water temps are in the low 70's. Feed the fish by the platforms (they LOVE cheese whiz, who doesn't?), check out the hot pots or explore the many underwater sculptures and ship wrecks (ok-sunken motorboats).

We will meet at the lake at 10am and dive until we're bent!! Or until we're ready to head home. (just kidding-also plan your dives conservatively). There is NO CHARGE to join us for this dive. Read more about Fun Dive Saturday May 14

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Sea the Change Conservation Video Contest

Close the gap between conservation ideas and conservation action

Every day divers are doing things – big and small – to protect the underwater environments they care about. Together we are giving the ocean a voice.

That's why PADI just launched a conservation video contest “Sea the Change” to let people see and share what fellow ocean lovers are doing to help. Read more about Sea the Change Conservation Video Contest

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Manta Ray Night Dive from our Hawaii Trip

Here is a story from Shannon from last week's best of Hawaii Trip.

So, if you are a Dive Utah fan, here is my tale: Last night on Kona, Hawaii we went out on the night dive to do this very dive. We sat down on the bottom with the lights blazing in the center of a large, flat area and waited. Five different boats were all there at the same ...time, fifty divers or so. Each diver settles down on the bottom with a light pointing skyward in about 35 feet of water. Read more about Manta Ray Night Dive from our Hawaii Trip

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