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SidemountA Different Way To Dive Double Tanks.

Sidemount equipment is an innovative gear arrangement which may be used for all types of diving. You will use 2 tanks but instead of wearing them on your back, they are attached to your side.

Sidemount equipment configuration facilitates "spot on" buoyancy within minutes and results in a more streamline profile than a conventional gear configuration.

Sidemount scuba diving is a safe alternative option for gas management allowing the diver to always see their valves and first stages.

PADI TecRecSidemount scuba diving is a different approach to gear configuration which allows the diver to carry 2 tanks on all dives providing greater safety due to the volume of gas.

Sidemount can be used for all recreational, reef, wreck, and wall dives. Interested in technical diving? No need to purchase another set of equipment as your sidemount gear will carry you through these advanced levels of training.

Sidemount diving is becoming the preferred equipment configuration for extended range dives, cave dives, and deep exploration dives.

Schedule and Price
At Dive Utah, we can accommodate any schedule. The sidemount diver course is conducted over 2 days. During the course we cover: classroom theory, equipment workshop and skills training, advanced classroom theory and skills training. A technical dive component can be integrated upon request to cover advanced rigging and how to sidemount dive with multiple deco/stage bottles. Please call the shop closest to you or use the “Sign up Now” to get started scheduling your class.


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